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The apps listed below form a suite of tools that support the study of card magic be it through the Symbolic Method (as introduced on this website) or by targeting specific trick-challenges. They are available on Android's Marketplace and the Appstore with regular maintainance and updates. Where applicable, permission to reuse intellectual property has been granted and documented within each app's credits-section. Detailed feature overviews are given in the respective store entries.

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Apps for the Symbolic Method

Symbolic Method Editor


This app is about Juan Tamariz' Symbolic Method, his visions from 1975 on a concise and straight format to document card magic. The app is the logical follow-up to yeahgic's Word-extension Digicals, introduced in 2002, and marks another milestone in academic approaches to card magic.

This is a sound and robust framework to x-ray and document the technical backbones of card-routines on your iDevice. It shows an entirely new way of dedicating to card tricks and will increase your capabilities to absorb new material and maintain it in your repertoire. Includes Action symbols since v2.0, released in April 2015.

Symbolic S-Up


This app serves as a free introduction to 'Symbolic Method'. Limited to 3 views, be it stacks, text- or action boxes, it gives you the complete look and feel of the commercial app, including Card Maps and web tutorials.

As the name implies 'Symbolic S-Up' serves to document set-up configurations of card tricks. As always at, no advertisements.

Apps for Scripting

Script Editor


This app is about Scripting. Script Editor provides a unique format to edit and review scripts and speaches. It targets magicians, comedians, mc's and anyone who presents with a focus on the spoken word.

Script Editor allows to arrange text in boxes similar to the way text is organized in comics. Introductions, punchlines, closing remarks plus structural elements can be nicely arranged into a truly holistic view of your script resulting in a powerful way to prepare and finetune presentations.

Script Editor is the "no-card-symbols" subset of the Symbolic Method Editor.

Apps for Mental Workout

Nothing comes close to training card magic with the deck in the hands. However, training mental techniques can be very efficient using learning aids on mobile devices. Train your mental stack-skills anywhere and anytime.

Built around a random card and position generator the apps offered here are kept simple and straightforward. No complicated menu - start, touch and go. 

Special emphasis has been made to mimick real life performance situations. Consider these apps your virtual spectator on demand.

Google Android devices (Mauricio, this is for you), iPhone and iPad are supported. Hit the icons to visit the respective store with further product details.

ACAAN Trainer

This app is about the Acaan plot (Any Card At Any Number). 

It  targets those who learn and perform the ACAAN plot using the Tamariz-, the Aronson- or a user defined -stack.

Stack Trainer

This app is about training stack-skills. It randomly gives you any card and then challenges you to name either the next, the next of the same suite or the same kind. Cycle either forth or back.

It targets those who work on the Tamariz-, the Aronson- or a user defined -stack.

Serial Number Trainer


This app is about calculating the final digit of the sum of a serial number --  based on the idea of "outcasting the tens". It also addresses the "missing digit" problem. The design of this app is geared fully towards Alain Nu's "Serial Thrillers".

It targets those who perform tricks that require this kind of skill.

Twice As Hard Trainer

This app is about Simon Aronson`s "Twice As Hard" plot based on his "Undo Influence" principle.

It  targets those who learn and perform "Twice As Hard" using the Tamariz-, the Aronson- or a user defined -stack.

I like to thank Simon Aronson for the permission to use his ideas for this app.


Generic, free Apps

These apps are either satellite applications that sound-support the mental trainers presented above, or - as Random Input - they provide you with a chance to experience the look and feel of the commerical apps.

Random Input

This app is very basic. It simply creates random inputs be it card values or digits. Like the ACAAN and Serial Numbers trainers it also support sound and allows you to get an idea of the series' look and feel. This app is free.

It targets those who practice tricks that need random inputs by a spectator, mainly in the context of card tricks.

Random Sound Recorder


This app targets Apple users and serves to record sound files in CAF-format (Apple Core Audio Format) according to the four suites, the ace, the three court cards and values from 2 to 9. These sound files, once moved into the other apps' documents folder (using iTunes) allow for the sound option.



Ralph Cos [last updated January 2016]